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Cider Club 2022 (12x 750ml)

Cider Club 2022 (12x 750ml)


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Sign up for our 2022 Cider Club and get two shipments per year of 6 x 750ml bottles (12 bottles total). Note: if you missed the first shipment in June, you will receive all 12 bottles in your November shipment.

Club Membership Includes:

  • Unique ciders showcasing heritage cider apples, co-ferments with other tree fruit, wine, and beer collabs, all spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts
  • A monthly newsletter from our cidermaker Mike
  • 25% discount on additional cider at our tasting room, online store, and on BeerVan
  • Waived Tasting room fees

Spring Release: 

Hope Springs Eternal

Cider Peach Coferment - When we embark on adding an alternative fruit to our cider we always look for the best fruit possible. This year we worked with Red Haven peaches from Windrosa farms, a 40-year-old farm in Summerland under the tutelage of Tony and Andrea. We first press the peach and reserve the juice to use a priming sugar (dose of juice to naturally carbonate the cider in the bottle). We ferment the cider with the pulp and skin and, as the name implies, the Red Havens give the cider a beautiful blush. The name comes from the first time we made this cider years ago and miscalculated our bottling carbonation resulting in explosive Peach fountains when opened.


Falling in Staves

Cider Apricot Coferment - Those who have visited Summerland early in the summer will be familiar with the apricot trees dotting the area. We collect apricots from our own trees, our friends, and from Windrose Farms. We pressed the apricot juice to reserve as a priming sugar, then fermented the cider on the apricot pomace. We love how this cider came out, despite its name originating from a medieval English idiom referring to when life feels like it is going to pieces the same way a barrel falls apart when the hoops are removed. 


Lower than Angels

Cider Chardonnay Coferment - This cider is very French in inspiration. The foundation is a French Bittersweet apple, Michelin. An apple known for its balanced profile and good contribution of tannin. This tannin helps give the cider body and roundness. To that, we add Chardonnay pomace from natural winemaker Jordan Kubisek of Lightning Rock. Fermenting cider with grape pomace gives the cider more depth and a vinous character.


Quiet of the Land

Single Variety Muscadet De Dieppe - We are very lucky to have this variety on our property. Hailing from the Norman shores of Dieppe this apple has been cultivated since at least the 1750s and has long been an apple capable of outstanding cider. Even more interestingly, one that doesn't require blending with other apples. We planted this variety on our property in 2017 and last season it bore fruit. We hope you appreciate this gem as much as we do. The name is a reference to the stoic Mennonite farmers of southern Saskatchewan, who imbued working the land with the struggle to find religious meaning in life and were known as “the quiet of the land.”


Once and Future

Quince Perry - Quince, the knobbly distant cousin of apples and pears has long been respected for their heady and unique aroma. Historically they were used in cooking and preserves but fell out of fashion with industrialised agriculture. We still cherish them and have a dedicated area on our estate for their cultivation. While we wait for those trees to mature we are using quince from our friends and organic growers at Kaleidoscope Fruit Ranch in Summerland.


Ever Closer Union 
Crabapple Cider - or this cider we started with Macintosh juice and co-fermented it with the pomace from pressed Dolgo crabapples.  Bringing the two together by fermenting with pomace adds tannin and acid in a different way than using the crabapple juice itself.  Crabapples can be challenging to ferment; the resulting cider often has a distinct wild character, and this cider is no exception.