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Full or mixed flat - 24 x 473ml cans

Full or mixed flat - 24 x 473ml cans


Mix and match a flat of 24

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MAGIC HOUR off dry apple 

6.6% ABV

A refreshing session cider made with our first press of early-season apples blended with French bittersweets and foraged crabapples. This cider features bright acidity and mellow tannins.

PRETTY TO THINK SO with raspberries

6.2% ABV

Wild-fermented apple cider aged on crushed raspberries. Blended with Porters Perfection and Michelin bittersweet apples. Berries on the nose, tart raspberry on the palate, mild astringency. Very dry.


6.5% ABV

Made in collaboration with Dickie's Ginger, this ginger cider combines the crispness of our traditional dry apple cider with fresh ginger to add a complex aroma and a hint of spice.



6.5% ABV

Following the traditional method, we started a wild ferment in the orchard using local Summerland pears, and finished it in our cidery. The result is a well-balanced modern perry with a residual sweetness and a lively effervescence.


First Principles dry apple

6.5% ABV

Small-batch craft cider made with heirloom apples in Summerland, BC.

Our flagship cider, made from a blend of wild-fermented English cider apples and crabapples. Can-conditioned. Unsweetened.


All that Glitters nectarine 

Wild fermented apple cider, infused with local nectarines. Dry.